So thick smoothie bowl

This is what you do with a smoothie when ya put too much frozen stuff in it!

I love growing herbs! (the legal kind)

My favorite thing to grow is herbs. I love being able to step outside and pick fresh basil and peppermint. I like to use the peppermint and spearmint in infused water. The basil is awesome in bruschetta and spaghetti. I also like medicinal herbs. I have Saint John’s Wort and Elderberry that I keep handy. 

On a side note, someone said you can regrow the bottoms of romaine lettuce and celery, into a whole new plant. Well, I had to give it a try…and it worked! I didn’t get them to full harvest, but it was fun to see that it still had a bit of life left in it!

Cucumber watermelon juice

Getting cray cray with my cucumber watermelon juice. Pardon le nose strip, it was allergy season and I like breathing 🙂

Raw food discounts at Ingles

Ingles is awesome about discounting their produce, conventional or organic. That is a huge deal, not just financially. When you consider how much food we waste in this country, it is a really good way to make a positive impact in the world. My favorite grocery store is Earth Fare, but my second favorite is Ingles. I’m glad we have several in the vicinity!